Ferrarelle SpA. has been a 100% Italian-owned company since 2005, when it was proudly brought back to Italy as one of its historic brands.
This occurred when LGR Holding S.p.A. acquired Italaquae SpA., which subsequently became Ferrarelle SpA., from Danone Group.
The choice of name reflects the company's desire to identify with its historic homonymous brand: the quintessential naturally effervescent water that has existed since 1893. Its 350 employees work in the company's three strategic locations: Milan, home of the commercial offices; Riardo (Caserta), the administrative and operative headquarters and home of the Parco delle Sorgenti, sponsored by FAI, which is where the springs of Ferrarelle, Santagata and Natìa flow; and Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia), the home of the Boario, Vitasnella, and Fonte Essenziale springs. Ferrarelle SpA is the fourth largest Italian company in the mineral water market.