Ferrarelle water is the result of a long journey into the uncontaminated depths of the earth. Its underground passage through the volcanic rocks of Roccamonfina and Monte Maggiore gives it unique effervescence rich in mineral salts that help the body regain all the vitality it needs. The calcium and bicarbonates present in Ferrarelle help in the digestion process and turn your meals into a real taste experience. Ferrarelle is the only Natural Effervescent Water of Quality Guaranteed by SGS certification, and its quality is assured by over 615 inspections every day. Ferrarelle is the 100% natural effervescence that lights up life.

Vitasnella mineral water with a low mineral content flows from the Vitas spring: after traveling along a slow, subterranean path that begins on Mount Altissimo, it is bottled in the Boario plant of Valcamonica. Low in sodium and with a good amount of magnesium and calcium, along with bicarbonates and sulphates, it offers quality hydration for athletes, physically active people, and anyone who seeks psychological and physical wellbeing.

Le Linfe by Vitasnella are the new functional waters that combine the lightness of Vitasnella water with the purifying properties of aloe, the draining properties of birch sap and the rehydrating benefits of coconut water. Sugar free and zero calories.

Roccafina water begins its journey at 1000 meters when, captured by the crater of an extinct volcano, it flows and filters through magmatic and calcareous rocks, purifying and enriching itself with precious mineral salts. Roccafina is mineral water with a low mineral content and an important presence of silica and calcium. Suitable for the whole family, each day it expresses the uncontaminated nature of the Roccamonfina natural reserve.

This Antica Fonte mineral water from the Terme di Boario springs is low in sodium but rich in sulphates and magnesium. Its beneficial properties have been recognized by the Ministry of Health with two special decrees that certify its laxative and diuretic effects, which are beneficial to hepatobiliary functions. For product effectiveness, it is recommended to drink two glasses of Fonte Essenziale water a day at room temperature, preferably on an empty stomach before breakfast.

Boario mineral water flows from springs originating at a depth of 200 meters in the Terme di Boario area of Valcamonica. Thanks to its high calcium, magnesium and sulphate content, it has been used since the 18th century in the hydropinic treatments of the Terme di Boario springs, the source of its precious characteristics.

Natía originates in the complex geological-volcanic system of the Riardo area. Filtering through ancient rock deposits, it is enriched with mineral salts that give it an unmistakable flavor. Natía is, in fact, a mineral water with low mineral content and a characterizing prevalence of bicarbonate and calcium: it is the perfect partner of Ferrarelle on the tables of the best restaurants in Italy and abroad.

Santagata naturally effervescent mineral water originates in the village of Val d'Assano near the town of Rocchetta e Croce. Passing through tufa and limestone deposits, it is enriched with mineral salts and develops a pleasant natural effervescence. Santagata, a historical brand from the Campania region, is classified as calcium bicarbonate mineral water with natural effervescence due to its significant calcium content (298 mg/l), magnesium (18 mg/l) and natural carbon dioxide (2200 mg/l).

This prestigious French water with a low mineral content originates in the highest reaches of the pristine Alps in the Upper Savoy region. The water takes 15 years to re-emerge after passing through a long stretch of sand from the Ice Age and two impermeable layers of compact clay.