An ancient

The Riardo springs and their beneficial effects were known since the days of the Roman Empire and mentioned in the writings of Vitruvius and Pliny the Elder. In the 18th century these springs were considered among the most important "tasty sparkling waters" of Italy.

Nature's gift to be shared

Since it was already perfect as is, Ferrarelle water only required one important intervention by man: canalization and the installation of pipes by land owner Giuseppe De Ponte so the water could be bottled and sold.

From water for health to water with taste

If up until now advertising had always focused on the medicinal properties and therapeutic use of mineral water, for the first time Ferrarelle referred to itself as a product chosen for its flavor, mainly for fine dining.

The water of Italians

This decade was decisive for Italy's economic boom and the launch of its industries, which was accompanied by a rapid democratization in consumption. In this period of social-cultural transition, Ferrarelle quickly changed its positioning, laying the bases to become the favorite mineral water served at Italian tables.

Still, sparkling or… Ferrarelle?

Realizing it had to communicate the unique spirit of Ferrarelle mineral water, the legendary, memorable slogan was created: “Still, sparkling or… Ferrarelle?” Nothing was added or removed: there was just the natural effervescence of a unique mineral water. An icon was born.

Happy 100th birthday!

Celebrating our first 100 years let us remember that Ferrarelle mineral water has been exactly the same for a century: natural, effervescent, and an inimitable masterpiece of nature.

Back to the origins

This year was a turning point for us because the company once again became 100% Italian owned. We're very proud of this fact and celebrate it through our bottle in the three colors of the Italian flag.

Under the banner of effervescence

The value of a company not only lies in what it already does, but also in the originality of its product and an ability to renew its future. For this reason we at Ferrarelle want to do more as a company and as a recognized brand. Besides our daily commitment to preserve the unique properties of Ferrarelle mineral water, we want it to become a resource able to enhance people's natural vitality.