Every day there's something that reminds us
who we really are.

It's strength that comes from within,
the source of our daily vitality,
invisible and inexhaustible.

It's an instinct that exists and emerges,
compelling us to act in the most natural way we know.

We recognize it because it distinguishes all unexpected and spontaneous moments,
making them special and memorable.

It is a smile, a caress, a snap of the finger in time to the music, irrepressible laughter,
an uncontrolled gesture, a shiver of excitement felt on the skin.

Let this instinct speak for and about you...

Express your natural vitality: be effervescent!

at any age

Each phase of life requires different energy: it is a pathfull of ups and downs to be faced with several valid alliesthat you can ingest naturally by drinking Ferrarelle water.

From the very first days

First through nursing and later
learning to drink by yourself.

Through childhood and adolescence

When body functions accelerate
to complete the development phase.

In your formative years

When you become more
responsible and independent.

During adulthood

When every healthy
choice makes a difference.

the best way
to drink it?

Ferrarelle's vivacious, distinctive taste emergesthrough its natural effervescence that you can see in its countless,long-lasting bubbles. For this reason, we suggest you drink it from a tall,narrow glass.

It is unique
at the first sip

To prepare the taste buds to an intense flavor of Ferrarelle, first of all have a generous sip and be amazed by its natural effervescence.

It is unique
at the second sip

Now you're ready to catch the aroma and aftertaste of Ferrarelle: hold your second sip at the center of the tongue and taste the notes of acidity, saltiness, sweetness and harshness.